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All 1:1 coaching, training and mentoring session are being held on Google Meet. So, you can attend your booked session from any location that is convenient for you and where you have internet access.

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The registered address is: Suite 314, Castle House, 1 Baker Street, Stirling, FK8 1AL (Scotland)

However, all services are being performed online. All 1:1 coaching, training and mentoring session are being held on Google Meet.

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All services can be provided in English 🇬🇧 and German 🇩🇪 language. Supporting documents as well as workbooks are being provided in accordance to the language used in the 1:1 sessions.

No. My coaching, training and mentoring is always on a one on one basis with professionals who are taking their own responsibility for their success because they’re personally hungry for better results instead of being sent to a training by their hungry boss or team leader.

It is my responsibility as your coach is to assist you on your journey with strategies and techniques to overcome your challenges faster, and enable you to develop new and beneficial habits that can serve you well along the way. However, your success depends on your action you take consistently from what you’ve learned. Just attending a coaching session and hoping that better results come instantly or waiting for the coach to achieve your goals for you is not going to work. Therefore, a guarantee for your success or a guarantee of specific results cannot be given by a coach.